Online training

In the modern age, a lot of people are on the move or often do not have time to travel or just want to train online with a personal trainer in the comfort of their own home. We have various online experts in our team. In addition to individual training, we also support companies and their employees worldwide in the area of ​​corporate wellness.


Jürgen> Personal trainer, weight reduction, strength building, functional moves, flexibility, yoga, life balance (personal trainer Hamburg Neustadt, personal trainer Altona, personal trainer Bergedorf)

The main motivation of my professional qualification has always been to lead my customers to their goals. As a personal trainer, I have focused my profession on holistic coaching and effective strategies for vitalization, strength development, weight loss, relaxation and life balance. In my sessions you will achieve your goals quickly, healthily and with a lot of fun. 15 years of experience as a personal trainer have refined my style. After all this time and profound experience in the fitness industry, I am still more than enthusiastic about my work as a personal trainer, the success of our customers and the advantages of individual 1: 1 private sessions. After my studies, I lived in Asia from 2005 to 2007. During this time I learned ancient yoga, a great combination to my personal training background, and then found my professional path, which made it my job to found Royal Private Coach in Germany and build a global team of highly professional trainers. I am currently living in Canada, looking after my customers 1: 1 on site and online all over the world. 

References: Body & Soul, Boston Consulting, Stratley, BMW, Aristo, Munich Gym, etc. University: Health & Sports Science Munich, Fitness & Personal Trainer Training (BSA Munich), one-year yoga teacher training, health coach, instructor for back exercises and prevention.


Philip> Personal training with a focus on strength, functional training, high intensity training, body weight, body transformation

My name is Philip and I live in Orange County, California. I am a certified personal trainer, B. Sc. Psychology and expert nutritionist. I will accompany you on your way to achieving your personal goals and to a healthy and strong body. Fitness became my passion because I was a competitive tennis player when I was young. Through weight lifting, intense cardio, bodyweight training and healthy eating habits, I have achieved my goals and continue to stay in shape. I would now like to pass these techniques on to my customers in order to strengthen their energy and implement goals.

I know the challenges and I am aware that everyone is different. That is why our workouts at Royal Private Coach always suit the customer and target where they want to change something. We are not only your trainers, but also coaches who will help you every step of the way.

I specialize in bodyweight exercises, high-intensity training HIT (a perfect combination of muscle growth, muscle building and cardio), sports training, bodybuilding and bikini body transformation. Our lifestyle plays an important role in achieving our goals faster and I will help you realize them by analyzing your diet, your exercise habits and your daily stress levels. Thanks to modern technology, I can coach you anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. All you need to exercise is your body, a laptop with Skype or FaceTime access, and a little space to exercise. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic about helping you achieve your goals.


Daniel> Personal trainer with a focus on strength building, bodyweight, yoga, functional training, nutritional advice, metabolic analysis, performance diagnostics and weight loss programs, online coaching

Movement is life, standing still makes us sluggish. Even when we are resting on the outside, innumerable processes take place at the same time inside. It is up to us to influence our phenotype, our external and internal appearance, as we wish. Exercise, a balanced diet and the right mindset will keep you healthy, productive and simply feel good. I support you in achieving your goal.

My training adapts to your needs and consists of the areas of fitness, functional training, classic strength training, yoga, bodyweight, martial arts and coordination and endurance training. I was able to gain a lot of personal experience in all areas and practice my training from this mixture myself. Muscle and strength training are the most exciting categories for me to stay healthy.

As a nutritionist, it is a pleasure for me to look after, inspire and advise you on everything to do with nutrition. Diet is an individual matter and should be adapted to your life. We can initially analyze your metabolism via the air you breathe and thus determine the current status. In this way it is possible to find out why you may not have lost weight until now and what we can optimize your diet. I live in Vienna and like to coach you online.

Education: Bachelor in Nutritional Sciences, state-certified sports instructor (Federal Sports Academy), yoga teacher (200h), sports nutritionist (VEÖ & IMSB), certified functional trainer

You can also train personally 1: 1 with our personal trainer Hamburg Neustadt, personal trainer Altona, personal trainer Bergedorf.